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Book Title:

The Stone Circle & Fulacht Fiadh

Author: Ronan Murray

ISBN: 978-1-99966683-9-6
Book Description
Softcover Book - Perfect Bind
288 pages, Full Colour
400+ Photos, Illustrations & Site Plans
Genre: Archaeology + Irish Bronze Age
Price: €36.00

Publisher: Murray & McCarthy Publishing

Book Release 21 Dec. 2023



The Stone Circle & Fulacht Fiadh

Illustrated with over 400+
photos, illustrations & site plans.

by Ronan Murray

PRICE: €36.00

ISBN: 978-1-9996683-9-6

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Secrets of Drombeg is a self-published book and is being sold for Non-Profit to honour the sacredness of this ancient site.
All book sales go to the continued publishing & printing of this book.


You are invited to take a journey into the Bronze Age of Ireland over 3,000 years ago to visit an ancient people who constructed such a mysterious site of megalithic stones that has endured the centuries and passage of time. These recent discoveries at the Drombeg Stone Circle, contained in this book, are the result of over fifteen years of on-site research and photography by the author revealing the solar & lunar alignments that create Drombeg’s sacred geometry.

The Drombeg stone circle is not just an isolated circle of stones, but proves to be an entire system of ancient numerology and alchemy using the basic elements of earth, fire, air and water. They chose the solstice and equinox seasons of the sun, the phases and lunations of the moon, the frequency of time & tide from the solar/lunar day and anchored it to the earth's fixed-point pole star axis of 'true north'.
These ancient builders were masterful in the skills of site design, land surveying, including basic math to a profound level with the numbers they found in angle relationships and the geometry of the Right Triangle which they used to bridge the gap between themselves and the eternal sun god who ruled the elements of fire & light and the moon goddess who ruled over the sacred waters of the earth.

The Drombeg design for the Regional Triad of stone circles inlcuding Bohonagh and Reenasceena was no small undertaking and shows a sophisticated use of land surveying from survey mounds and distant hilltops, including survey boulders and standing stones to define the construction of the regional and local survey baselines as would any land surveyor in establishing the boundaries of a building site.
The winter solstice sunset V-Notch on the western ridge defines Drombeg’s axial baseline for the sun’s final journey into the longest night across the Recumbent stone and proves to be a constructed landscape in an amazing feat of engineering where they lowered two overlapping hillsides to create this annual solar event. You will find in the pages of this book full of proven site plans, written narratives, photos, and illustrations, the hidden Secrets of Drombeg rediscovered.


Ronan Murray, book designer and illustrator for Murray & McCarthy Publishing and Design has had an unbridled passion for the Drombeg Stone Circle in West Cork, Ireland. Prior to his work as a small press publisher he worked for 15 years as a civil draughtsman for engineers and worked as a rod-man for land surveyors creating survey plats and interpreting aerial photos. He produced construction drawings, site plans and topographic maps for companies like Bechtel on the Portland Light Rail Transit System in Portland, Oregon U.S. and E.G. Petitt & Co. on the Cork Main Drainage in Ireland. He began his research on the Drombeg Stone Circle in 2005, but it was the Winter Solstice sunrise 2010 (shown above) which set him on a path of obsession in discovering how the stone circle was built and the methods used over 3,000 years ago. The 'Secrets of Drombeg - 3rd Edition' is a self-published book and is being sold for NON-PROFIT to honour the sacredness of this ancient site. All money received in the purchase of this book will go to the expenses for the continued reprinting and sharing of this rediscovered knowledge.