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Book Title:

Castles of Ireland

Author: Mary Conlon

ISBN: 978-1-99966683-3-4
Book Description
Softcover Book - Perfect Bind
144 pages, Full Colour
150+ Photos, Illustrations
Genre: Irish Castle Histories
Price: €12.50

Publisher: Murray & McCarthy Publishing

Book Release 1 Aug. 2020



Castles of Ireland

Illustrated with 150+ Photographs

by Mary Conlon

PRICE: €12.50

ISBN: 978-1-99966983-3-4

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The Four Green Fields - Castles of Ireland began as a photography project as a member of my local Clones Photography Group. The competition project was a 365-day photography challenge and with my deep love of Ireland I set out on my Honda Rebel 250cc with my trusty companion and family member ‘Fluffy’ and my Canon EOS 750D and assorted lenses and tried to capture Ireland in photographs as its original Four Green Fields of Ulster, Leinster, Connaght and Munster. What I soon discovered about Ireland on this journey was just how interconnected I was to this land, its culture, its history, but also its mysterious past contained in so many of these castles across the lush green Irish country side. There was even a part of me that felt I had been in some of these places before, that the blood that flows from these castles still flows in me and in visiting, photographing, and researching these historical places I was drawn in to their histories and imagined myself at a time to be a Queen in one of these castles, and at other times an heir to a throne as a princess with my trusted guardian knight of a dog at my side. But whatever the truth of that Deja Vu feeling it helped me to put together this book for your enjoyment, and my hope is that you will experience the depth of Ireland’s historical past and come to love it as much as I do. And in your travels do be kind to any Fairies that you might meet and you will have great luck along your journey full of mystery, wonder and possibly a wee Irish Blessing.


Mary Conlon lives in her native county Monaghan, in the rural area of Connons outside the town of Clones all her life. She has been writing songs, poems and stories for the past twenty years and has a great love for her local community, family and friends. She has recently taken up photography in her effort to express her art. All the photographs included in this book are Mary’s on-site visits to these particular castles of Ireland. This book is a further extension of her calendar of Irish Castles that she produced to raise money for the local charity Cavan Cancer Hospice for which over 500 euros was raised for the cause. Mary’s love of motor bikes is a family tradition as other members of her family were deeply involved in motor clubs. Her brother Frank who tragically died in a Rally race in Clonakilty 2017 has been a deep wound for herself and her entire family and it is with the greatest respect and honour for her brother that she releases this first expression of her work which had stopped at the time of his death and only now two years later is finally coming to light. She offers this work in commemoration of not only his death but to celebrate the life of her adventurous, generous and extraordinary personality in a brother that touched so many lives, and even in his passing continues to affect all who knew him.

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